My first conference talk experience

Thursday, December 21, 2017

2018-04-02 17_16_46-Umbraco UK Festival.png

Earlier this year, I did something that I would never had dreamed about a year ago. I got up on stage at a conference and talked for 40 minutes. Like most first-times, it was terrible, but that's OK.

It couldn't have been that bad? I hear you ask. It was, and this is why.

  1. I had an idea for a title, but not much of an idea for a talk.
    My title idea fitted with the 80's theme of the conference. For the talk itself, I planned to talk about a 9 month project, and condense it into 40 minutes
  2. I didn't give myself enough time to write it..
    I'm pretty busy at work, I rarely have enough time to work on my scheduled projects, so I would have to write this in my own time.
    3 weeks of evenings should have been plenty of time, but I was tired and easily  distracted. Probably the biggest culprit was Stranger Things season 2 coming out on Netflix.
  3. I didn't practice out loud.
    When I announced to the world that I was getting on stage, and old friend gave me some really good advice. "record yourself doing the run through, and watch yourself back".
    I didn't, because I was still writing it the night before the talk (see above)
  4. 30 mins before the talk, I culled a lot of slides.
    I though my slides were waffling and I would run over, so hid lots of slide. The end result was a disjointed narrative, and at one point in my talk I actually said "I had a slide here, I think I removed it"